Code Geese R2 16 - It’s a man’s world, even if his name is Lulu TRACK TOP
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No, master! Please! I'll be good!

Since the next episode is due out so soon, and I just got around to watching it today, I wasn’t going to bother even blogging this one. But I feel compelled now, after reading so many comments on the MAL boards about how “moe” and “cute” C.C. is now, as opposed to her “badass” old self. If nine pages of comments on an online forum can be taken as indicative of general opinion, the new C.C. is widely adored.

I’ve spoken before about my frustration with female characters in various anime series, and I’ll speak of it again and again for as long as I continue watch anime. But this new incarnation of our cold, green-haired Geeser is one of the models that I have the most problems with. She used to be strong, more powerful even than our hero Lulu, and she used to be an essential part of his scheming and planning, hunted by his enemies. Now she’s a simpering, cowering child, stripped of all agency, her disgustingly feeble mewling explained away by some sob-story background about her childhood centuries ago before she got all immortal and capable.

Excuse me while I barf up my insides.

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Code Geese R2 04 - Watch and Learn TRACK TOP
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Reminder to Lulu fangirls: under those clothes, he's naked.

This episode confirms my love of Lelouch: not because he’s a CLAMP noodle boy, not because he’s oh-so-pretty, but because he is one hell of a charismatic mastermind and easily one of the best anti-heroes to come out of recent seasons. Maybe the best.

Miles ahead of that notebook-wielding douchebag. What was his name again?

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Bus Gamer 03 - I faked every blog! TRACK TOP
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This image is a good summation of the entire plot and characterization of BG.

One of the really great things about this short - I mean, smaller than average - I mean, it’s still a good size - series is that it flaunts the usual anime conventions in favor of a more cutting-edge program.

Coherent story? No way!
Pacing? Yawn!
Character development? Who needs it!
Memorable ending? Yeah, right!

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Code Geese R2 03 - Life isn’t so flowers and sausages. TRACK TOP
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Lulu knows his angles. Next stop, America's Next Top Geese

This is a late reaction, due to my crazy end-of-semester schedule. I’m happy to report, though, that I am now completely finished with my first year of graduate school and free to devote myself to Lulu. (He Geesed me, so I’d say that. Naughty boy.)

If I lapse into a discussion of Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans, please forgive me. My brains are still a little mushy.

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Code Geese R2 02 - Burning questions and a wicked rash TRACK TOP
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HAHAHA. I would never be so cruel to you, hounddog! HAHAHA.

Code Geass - or Code Geese or Code Gayass or Code Greatass, whatever your flavor of pet name happens to be - knows how to make my little heart skip a few beats. Oh, you naughty series, you had me going with that first episode!

But Code Geass doesn’t abuse its fans. It doesn’t treat us like we’re idiots (ahem) and it doesn’t revel in keeping us in the dark (ahem ahem). No sir. Code Geass raises questions and then…gasp! Answers them.

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Bus Gamer 02 - Excuse me while I whip this out… TRACK TOP
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Hellooo, phallic symbol

If you believe what the WordPress spambots say about it, I’m a middle-aged man with a severe erectile disfunction problem.

Well joke’s on you, bots! My Manly Quotient has shot way through the roof since I started my Bus Gamer injections.

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Bus Gamer 01 - My Feeble Womb Quakes in Anticipation TRACK TOP
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REAL men go out for tea before the ass kicking begins.

I think I’ve found my new Moonlight Mile. Pity it’s not longer. I mean bigger. I mean…um…er…

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Code Geese R2 01 - I…am…JUSTICE! TRACK TOP
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Honk honk honk

So Lulu and the gang are back for another round of stretched-out limbs and mecha, sorry, Nightmare battles. OH BOY! I have to admit, I saw and enjoyed the first season. It felt a bit to me like Death Note, if Death Note hadn’t been so retarded. Death Note done right, if you will. That’s not to say Code Geass wasn’t full of its own little gems, but it is at least able to resist bursting through the doors of Campiness to sing out, “HERE I AAAAAAAM!” (Code Geass just knocks politely.)

After the end of the first season, I was all but wetting my pants for the premier of R2.

One episode in and the new season promises to be…uh…very familiar?

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The Hound Blog rides again! TRACK TOP
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We’re back, baby!

I mean, not yet. Not officially. But I’m working on it!

Emma: Second Act 12 - It’s a Weep-Fest TRACK TOP
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We've bypassed the sniffles and gone straight to the ugly cry!

And thus, another season of Victorian Romance draws to a close. Unlike season one, though, there’s no room for a third season - and, really, no need.

Did I absolutely love this finale more than I’ve ever loved any other finale before it? Well…no. But it did fit the series pretty well.

Did I cry a few times and get all gooey inside over the happenings? You bet your sweet ass I did.

How many times did I cry? Let us count them…

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